Lifesaving Sport

The Lifesaving Society is the Canadian governing body for lifesaving sport - a sport recognized by the International Olympic Committee and the Commonwealth Games Federation. We organize annual championships for age-group, senior and masters athletes and certification programs for coaches and officials.

Engaging and inspiring youth

Lifesaving sport is the only sport whose skills are first learned for humanitarian purposes. Through lifesaving sport, the Lifesaving Society seeks to engage and inspire youth in our drowning prevention mission. Our lifesaving sport objectives are:

  • To support the drowning prevention work of the Lifesaving Society and its humanitarian mission.
  • To provide athletes, coaches and officials opportunities for participation in lifesaving sport at all levels from developmental to high performance.
  • To position the Lifesaving Society internationally as a leader in lifesaving sport.

While lifesaving competition in Canada has changed significantly since the Society's first Canadian Lifeguard Championships in 1977, some things never change. Our humanitarian mission remains the foundation of all of the Society's activities.